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Ram Air Circulator (9″/12″/16″)

The RAM Floor Air Circulator is available in 3 sizes with each having adjustable heads and a stylish chrome finish.

Lumii Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets

Perfect for suspending air-cooled and heavier lighting reflectors, the LUMii rope rachet can hold up to 65kg EACH. The large S
6" 150mm Geko Accoustic Box Fan 1000m3/hr

Gekko Acoustic Box Fans

The Gekko Acosutic Box Fan is a step up from other MDF Box Fans seen on the market. The powerful,

Ram Bug Barrier 4″ – 12″

The RAM Bug Barrier is a fine mesh screen for intake fans to prevent insects in your growroom. This screen
AutoSmart 400ml Berry Fruit

AutoSmart 400ml Aerosol Freshener

Powerful aerosol air freshener, with a unique high discharge nozzle. Blast is designed to combat malodours and quickly add a long-lasting
Ona Gel Pro

Plant Magic Flush

This Plant Magic Flush is designed specifically for the UK market. Many water samples country wide have been analysed to

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