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Nutrifield Elements Bloom A&B

ELEMENTS BLOOM A & B Nutrifield® Elements Bloom is a premium 2-part nutrient system ( A & B ) specifically engineered

OCD Deo-Max 130g Cubes

Professional Odour Eliminator. Industrial Strength Odour Control convenient, easy to use package. Just open it up, place it wherever you

Maxi Fan 6″ Clip-on Fan

The Maxi Fan Clip-on Fan comes with a base to also use as a table fan. It has a quality
Advanced Hydroponics Of Holland Grow 1

Advanced Hydroponics Of Holland Micro 3

Dutch Formula: fertilization has never been easier than with the basic Dutch Formula line. The unique formula allow for easy use
Green House Powder Feeding Hybrids 1kg

Green House Powder Feeding Hybrids 2.5kg

GreenHouse Seed Co – Hybrid powder Feed is simple single powder form plant food for use in all stages of
Rhino Silent Twin Fan Controller - 5 Speed 2 Amp

Rhino Silent Twin Fan Controller – 5 Speed 2 Amp

New from Rhino for 2016 Silently controls both intake and exhaust fans, allowing negtive pressure to be perfectly maintained. Heavy

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