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BioGreen Garlic 1 Litre

Repeals thrips and other insects. It is absorbed by the plant, making the plant less attractive to thrips and other insects. They will leave the plant. In a spray treatment, it reduces mold problems.

Bud Link

The addition of soluble silica to nutrient solutions increases floral weight, and strengthens the plant against disease and spider mite

CropGuard Anarak SM (250ml)

use for de-spotting leaves. Anarak SM is a natural product and is used to remove spots from also contains
Fortefog P Mini Fumer 3.5 grams

Fortefog P Mini Fumer

Effective control of flying and crawling insects in difficult to reach places, loft spaces, empty glasshouses. Fortefog P Mini Fumers

Growth Technology Liquid Silicon

Liquid Silicon… the missing element. Improves uptake of nutrients and transport through the plant. Strengthens cell walls, helping plants to

Guard ‘n’ Aid Healthy Leaf & Bud Concentrate (250ml)

A concentrated preparation of naturally occurring bacteria and nutrients to promote healthy plants in hydroponics and soil based systems it

Guard ‘n’ Aid Healthy Root (250ml)

A concentrated preparation of naturally occurring bacteria and nutrients to promote plant and root health in hydroponics and soil based

Guard ‘n’ Aid PestOFF PLUS Concentrate (250ml)

PestOFF is an emulsifiable concentrate. it is a contact insecticide for use agaisnt biting and sucking insects in ornamental crops
Hot Box Sulpher Burner

Hot Box Sulpher Burner

Hotbox Sulfume – Temperature regulated sulphur vapouriser. Ideal for control and eradication of botrytis, mildew and black spot. Sulphur available

Insecto Smoke Bomb

INSECTO smoke bombs contain the active ingredient permethrin. Simply light the non-sparking wick, smoke fumes will work their way into

Microbial Rootzone Conditioning Solution (1 litre)

Microbial is a powerful root treatment which effectively wipes out all bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses present in plant rootzones.

Silver Bullet Roots

Silver Bullet Roots – is designed to specifically actively fight existing plant microorganism and plant diseases that can develop further