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Due to the effects of COVID-19 we have been forced to temporarily close our store and we cannot process any orders at the current time. We hope to be back up and running as soon as we can and look forward to serving you then.

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Amino Treatment 250ml

Amino Treatment 250ml

It’s an entirely new product, containing a well balanced combination of active ingredients. With Amino Treatment your plants will get:

House & Garden Aqua Flakes A & B

House & Garden Aqua Flakes based nutrient is composed of liquid nutrients and trace elements and contains no bulking agents

House & Garden Bud XL

Maximising fruit production and quality is the primary goal of many indoor growers – Bud-XL from House & Garden can help

House & Garden Cocos A&B

House & Garden Coco Base Nutrient is composed of liquid nutrients and trace elements and contains no bulking agent. This

House & Garden Complete Food Kit

For beginners just starting out, or those just topping up their stock, this ‘do all’ kit will meet any needs.

House & Garden Drip Clean

House & Garden Drip Clean is a must for anyone using a drip irrigation system such as Auto pots or

House & Garden Multi Zyme

House & garden Multi Zyme is an extremely aggressive growth stimulator. House & garden Multi Enzymes accelerates and simplifies the

House & Garden Roots Stimulator

Roots Stimulator is a powerful root stimulator which ensures the explosive growth of the roots. Roots Stimulator encourages rapid root

House & Garden Top Booster

House & Garden Top Booster is an extremely powerful flowering stimulator which will amaze the grower. Top Booster acts on

Magic Green 250ml

Magic Green is a boost for mother plants, rooted and un-rooted cuttings and growing plants. This 100% biological foliar spray

Roots Excelurator

Roots Excelurator is the best and most powerful root stimulator available on the market today and is our top show-piece