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Green Planet Bud Booster 1kg

Green Planet Bud Booster

Bud Booster is a bloom additive from Green Planet which, because of its high level of phosphorus, helps with blooming

Green Planet Dense

DENSE BUD COMPACTOR is a specially formulated blend of potassium designed to help harden flowers in the bloom cycle.

Green Planet GPF Uptake

GPF UPTAKE is derived from humified ancient bogs and has been designed with low molecular weight humic to be more

Green Planet GPH Uptake

Green Planet GPH Uptake is the premier humic acid on the market, this product increases nutrient uptake and increases growth

Green Planet Liquid Weight

Liquid Weight is designed to be used in the flowering phase of growth and can dramatically boost your yields. This

Green Planet Massive Bloom

MASSIVE BLOOM FORMULATION is engineered for the serious grower. this product is designed to encourage budding, help facilitate bulking, and

Green Planet Medi-One

Formulated with readily available macroelements and microelements, Medi-One will deliver immediate results. When using this product, you can expect to

Green Planet Ocean Magic (1 Litre)

OCEAN MAGIC is an all-natural marine algae extract plant food. Ocean Magic can be used in foliar feeding or direct

Green Planet Pro Cal

Pro Cal is a valuable source of supplemental calcium and magnesium.

Green Planet Terpinator

Terpinator is formulated to increase the concentration of terpinoids in aromatic plant oils and glands. The unique composition of Terpinator

Green Planet Vitathrive

Vitathrive (formerly Aussie Tonic) is a comprehensive blend of carefully selected vitamins and minerals designed to reduce plant stress while