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Mills Basis A and B

Not all base nutrients are created equal. Made from top quality ingredients with a focus on bioavailability, Mills Basis A&B

Mills C4

Mills C4 is a complex feed supplement comprised of nutrients, stimulants, minerals and carbohydrates. C4 promotes the production of natural

Mills Cal Mag 1 Litre

If you live in a soft water area, your plants could be lacking Calcium and Magnesium. Customers using reverse osmosis

MIlls Ph Down Flower 1

Mills pH supplement works to stabilize and optimize the pH levels of your plants irrigation water throughout the growing cycle.

Mills Start R

Start-R is an addition with a high concentration of nitrogen that is used in the vegetative phase. Start-R will give

MIlls Ultimate PK

The ‘Big finish’ for your plants. Specifically designed for use in the last 2 to 4 weeks, Ultimate PK has

Mills Vitalize

Continuing their innovating range of specialist products, Mills Nutrients have now released Vitalize, available exclusively from DNA Mills Ltd. This