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Adjust-A-Wing Enforcer Reflector

Better than your standard reflector, the Adjust-A-Wing Enforcer Reflector delivers fantastic quality results when compared against other reflectors within the

Gavita HR96 SE Reflector

Got Gavita lights? Keep them at their best – replace your reflector every year. This revolutionary reflector is the standard

Maxibright 600w Light Kit *SALE*

Get this, already great, light kit for an even greater price. Whats in the box: Maxibright 600w HPS Dual Spectrum

MaxiBright Euro Reflector

Dimpled aluminium surface for even light distribution Open ended design Pre wired with 4mtrs of cable and IEC connection E40

MaxiBright Goldstar Air Cooled Reflector

The Maxibright Goldstar Air Cooled Reflector is a premium quality shade and great value for money. The Maxibright Goldstar Reflector

Omega Cool Tube Reflector (5″-8″)

The Cool Tube Reflector can be placed in numerous positions to allow gardeners to have better control over their Grow

White Parabolic 1m XL Reflector

Parabolic reflectors offer up to 30% more light coverage than conventional horizontal shade. Extra coverage helps omit the peaks and