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10 Metre Steel Jack Chain

High strength steel jack chain available in 10m lengths. For all hanging needs for your grow room accessories.  

Lumii Grow Lamp Light Timer Contactor

Lumi Heavy-Duty 24hr Analogue Segmental Timer. Simple and great value-for-money, the Lumii Heavy-Duty 24hr Analogue Segmental Timer is the economical

Lumii Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets

Perfect for suspending air-cooled and heavier lighting reflectors, the LUMii rope rachet can hold up to 65kg EACH. The large S

Lumii Lift Light Hangers x 2

Simply attach the LUMii Lift onto a solid fixture using cable ties or chain. You can then suspend your item from

Powerplant Easy Rolls 2.0 (x2)

The PowerPlant Easy-Roll light hangers are great for achieving optimum height level for any reflector. Great hanging support with easy

Rope Ratchet Hanger 1/8″ (x2)

The rope ratchet pulls tight, locks in place, will never break or slip, and will not rust 8ft Polypropylene rope