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Aluminium Flexible Ducting W/ 2 Clamps

5m flexible Aluminium ducting, supplied with 2 Jubilee Duct Clamps.  Available in the same range of sizes as all our
8" CarboAir 100mm Bed 200mm x 660mm 2550m3/hr

CarboAir 100mm Bed Carbon Filter

Monster filters for the most demanding environments. For the largest grow rooms these can cope with very high concentrations of odour
4" CarboAir 50mm Bed 100mm x 330mm 410m3/hr

CarboAir 50mm Bed Carbon Filter

CarboAir 50 CarboAir™ 50 has been developed to filter VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from smaller grow room environments. CarboAir™ 50 has

CarboAir 50mm Bed Filter Kit (RVK Fan + 5m Duct + 2 Jubilee Clamps

CarboAir 50mm Bed Filter Kit Contents: CarboAir 50mm Bed Filter (all sizes available) SystemAir RVK Fan 5 Metres of ducting

Duct Straight Connectors 4″-12″

Made from high quality galvanised steel. Available sizes: 4″/100mm 5″/125mm 6″/150mm 8″/200mm 10″/250mm 12″/315mm For installation, simply fit the corresponding
100mm (4”) Silencer

Duct/Extractor Silencers 4″ – 12″

Our Silencers come flexible as standard so can be bent if needed to 90 degrees to fit in tight spaces

Ducting Reducers 4″ – 12″

Ducting reducers are useful for fitting fans, filters and silencers to other various sized pieces of equipment, for example, you
150mm (6") Ducting Tee Piece

Ducting T-Pieces 4″-12″

Made from high quality galvanised steel. T Pieces are extremely when the need arises to connect two different areas to

Ducting Wall Flange 4″-12″

Made from high quality galvanised steel. These metal ducting wall flanges allow for easy installation of ducting to a ventilation

Ducting Y-Pieces 4″-12″

Made from high quality galvanised steel. Y Pieces are extremely when the need arises to connect two different areas to
Exhale CO2 Bag

Exhale CO2 Bag

Exhale CO2 bags work through photosynthesis – photosynthesis is the process by which plant leaves make carbohydrates. Sunlight, CO2 and

Faran Analogue Humidistat

SPECIFICATIONS Measurement : 10%~80%(rH%) Accuracy : +/- 5% Operation span : 3% Openration method : ON/OFF Capacity of microswitch :
Faran Digital Humidistat

Faran Digital Humidistat

HR-DHTC Faran Humidistat The Faran Humidistat HR-DHTC is a digital humidity monitor which dynamically adjusts your environment to keep your
4" 100mm Fast Clamp

Fast Clamps 4″-12″

Fast Clamps are perfect for connecting fans, carbon filters, silencer and solid ducting. The metal band has a foam lining

G.A.S Balancer

If you’re running two fans that are the same size, you’ll need a balancer to make sure you maintain negative

G.A.S EC Fan Speed Controller

The GAS EC speed controller is the perfect way to control the speeds of two EC fans. Powered from the

G.A.S Hyper Fan Digital EC Fan Controller

The G.A.S. Hyper Fan Digital EC Fan Controller is the update to the original Hyperfan Controller and is fully compatible
6" 150mm Geko Accoustic Box Fan 1000m3/hr

Gekko Acoustic Box Fans

The Gekko Acosutic Box Fan is a step up from other MDF Box Fans seen on the market. The powerful,
HR-15 Humidifier

HR-15 Humidifier

No plant can live without water, indeed most plants are composed mostly out of water and the health of a
Humidification HR-15 Complete Kit

Humidification HR-15 Complete Kit

The Centrifugal Humidification System HR-15 is ideal for indoor growing. Not only will it help you to ensure an optimum

Isomax Acoustic Fan

Isomax duct fans run extremely quietly. The 6-inch and 8-inch versions also feature a 3-speed controller, allowing you to vary airflow without

Jubilee Duct Clamp 4″ – 12″

Large jubilee clamps to secure  flexible ducting to any extractor fan, silencer or any other accessory. Available sizes: 4″ to

Maxi Fan 6″ Clip-on Fan

The Maxi Fan Clip-on Fan comes with a base to also use as a table fan. It has a quality

Mist Maker Humidifier 3-5 head (with float)

Creates a cool humid environment Negative ion Ionizer, Humidifer Mist Maker unit use ultrasound, no heat or chemicals Mist Makers maintain